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Practice Areas

Civil Trial Litigation

From the representation of individuals and small businesses to large publicly traded companies, our firm has both pursued and defended civil litigation claims at all stages in the legal process.  

The firm has been successfully involved in significant litigation related to a variety of general civil litigation matters, ranging from contract issues to employment law, and a variety of tort claims.  

Divorce / Family Law

​Divorce, legitimation, child custody and child support matters may be both emotionally trying and legally complicated.  

Our firm focuses on providing legal guidance and personal support for our clients that are involved in family law matters.  

Our attorneys have a wealth of experience in representing clients needs in a wide range of family law matters, including divorce, legal separation, parental legitimation, parental alienation and child custody, visitation and support actions and modifications.  


Additionally, the firms family law practice also includes contested and uncontested adoptions, as well as blending our family law practice with our criminal law experience in seeking and/or defending against family violence related protective orders.  




DUI / Traffic Law

Individuals arrested for traffic related offenses, such as DUI, reckless driving, super speeder tickets, etc., face a risk of adverse consequences that may impact both their driver's license and freedom.


Our team will react quickly to your traffic law offense, working to preserve your legal rights through any administrative law proceeding and trial proceeding in municipal, state, probate or superior courts.

Local Government Law

At the Law Offices of David E. Ralston each attorney is well versed and skilled in the daily operations of local governments.  

With attorneys experienced in city, county and government authority matters, our firm assists individual clients in matters such as tax assessment appeals, zoning applications, eminent domain litigation, and defending against local ordinance violations.  

Real Property & Construction Law

​Our firm's real property law practice is focused primarily on real property litigation.


The firm has broad experience in representing clients in matters related to real estate purchase/sell disputes, easement and boundary line issues, and defending borrowers in foreclosure confirmation and deficiency judgment proceedings related to the foreclosure of their real property. 

The firm also represents the interests of both home builders and contractors, as well as home owners in litigation issues arising over construction.  With over 35 years of  courtroom experience in the construction law area, our firm has successfully litigated and defended against a range of matters in the construction area.

Criminal Law

Our attorneys recognize the critical nature of the issues at stake in criminal law matters and adhere strongly to the maxim that every defendant has a presumption of innocence in our nation's legal system.


Our firm utilizes its vast experience and past success to maximize the potential for a positive outcome, from a successfully negotiated pre-trial resolution through a jury trial acquittal, and at points in between.  


Non-Public Business Associations


​As small business owners themselves, our firm's attorneys recognize the benefits and importance of protecting business and personal assets through the creation of a non-public business entity, be it a corporation, partnership, limited liability company, etc.

Our firm can assist in drafting the appropriate documents to legally create and organize your business, as well as to advise clients on fulfilling their legal obligations in the daily operations of the business.  

Estate Planning & Probate Law

Establishing an estate plan is one of the most important steps you can take to protect yourself to spare your loved ones the expense, delay and frustration associated with managing your affairs when you pass away or become disabled.

Our firm can assist with a wide range of estate issues, from drafting wills, powers of attorney and advance healthcare directives (commonly known as living wills), to the filing of an estate for probate and even the litigation of a contested probate issue, our attorneys have an abundance of estate planning and probate law and are ready to serve our clients needs in the area.

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